Luxuriance of Freedom


Spiritual artists learn from Inspiration to flow with the luxuriance of Freedom. This acquired state of Wholeness becomes an essential aspect of their very being and existence so any experience that contrasts with this natural occurrence feels hindering as it represses the soul’s inherent way of being~ In that sense, Art’s purpose is sacred as it is an alley to the Beauty of the Divine which is our origin~

Once the soul has tasted the nectar of the sublime Stream that animates the Universe and the awareness of the Artist, nothing compares to the intensity of such a Love~ It’s the closest thing to the Afterlife’s Bliss for a fragrant soul. Very few are those who have awakened to the Wisdom that compels one to embrace this Reality in a culture of distractions that numbs our senses with its powerful ego-based illusions. Immersed in the intense subtleties of Beyond, the Sage-Artist cultivates his grace and shares it for the sake of the collective soul’s exaltation.

© 2016 Aïda Touré

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Wisteria-Scented One


~ Wisteria-Scented One ~

I sit by the lake
of your being, gazing
at the unraveling sky
your heart offers;
from this sweet vertigo,
myriad of verses
surround every gesture
you make, O majesty!
How graceful you are,
my wisteria-scented one!
You lead me on the Path
of Love, losing myself
with every step that kisses
Mawla’s footprints:
with you near,
Heaven tastes like this!

© 2016 Aïda Touré

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Your Inner Joy


~ Your Inner Joy ~

Find your inner Joy
so that your happiness
is not dictated by
external circumstances.

© 2016 Aïda Touré

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Infinite Ways to Love You


~ Infinite Ways to Love You ~

All of my being
bursts with joy
when I see your beauty!
Stars leap in and out of me,
each stroking an harp
whose strings sing your name!
I take in all this harmony,
ecstatic over your humility
and your meeting yourself in
the Azzan* your cells chant.
Oh my, my soul says:
“Welcome to yourself in me,
there are infinite ways
to love you and you and you!”

© 2016 Aïda Touré

*Azzan: the Islamic call to Prayer.

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Celestial Worlds Within


~ Celestial Worlds Within ~

My precious child,
your celestial worlds within
will unleash their ineffable Beauty
once you dissolve before
the throne of the Divine~
This is the purpose
behind the greater Jihad
as transmitted by
Prophet Muhammad (saw)!
Only Love can lead you on this Path~

© 2016 Aida Toure’

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The Most Subtle (Painting)


Al Latif 8″x10″ oil & acrylic on canvas © 2015 Aïda Touré

I completed this small painting “Al Latif: The Most Subtle” that evokes a highly spiritual attribute that is inherent to the soul. Subtlety is the very quality that is found in all spiritually awakened ones. This attribute brings healing, solace and lightness of being to self and to those who come across the recipient of this grace. Read amore about this painting here. Below is the poem that accompanies the painting.

~ The Most Subtle ~

O effusive Light
that fashions our becoming,
we read Your vertical signs
with the sun and the moon in chorus,
we praise You in infinite ways!
O You who are not exhausted
by Your Attributes
as You pervade
the black holes
of the Heart that
relentlessly contemplates
on you; expanding, giving,
throbbing with anticipation
of being in the gentleness
of Your Presence anew!

© 2015 Aïda Touré

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Love’s Unconditionality


~ Love’s Unconditonality ~

There is grace in relinquishing
what does not belong to us.
Letting go for a deeper purpose
implies preparing oneself
for some deeper fulfillment;
in everything there is a gift,
even in the heart broken in pieces,
there is Love’s unconditionality
sowing its infinitesimal seeds
as it chants:
“Let me BE!
In my octave there must be fluidity only,
all these irreverent attempts
to imprison the sacred
are the surest way to lose me.

I say let me BE!”
You see, Consciousness is supreme
and as such it reigns macro-royally~
The act of dissolving to allow space
for that which is greater is what
the soul, in its deep wisdom,
does best and we must follow~
This is Surrender: Islam by excellence!

© 2016 Aïda Touré

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