~ Ecstatically ~

Everything is a loan.
What you think you possess
is actually not yours;
your body, your senses,
your very being and breath:
they all are borrowed
from the Inheritor within.

All that is, all that flows,
springs from and returns 
to Him, ecstatically.
Turn inward dear one,
it takes emptiness
to know fullness,
see the light that flickers
in longing for you to draw near!

Who could resist such a pulling
to divine Surrender?
Who could endure
the impulse that whispers:
“Come my love, free your soul,
everything is beyond your control!
We are quanta oscillating
in the Bliss of Al-Batin.”

© 2015 Aïda Touré

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Your Being Ornaments My Soul


Heain Garden, Japan.

~ Your Being Ornaments My Soul ~

There are a billion places
I want to visit with you~
Pulse elated, voice muted
by the command “BE”
my wretched ego bows
and dissolves in
this longing for you.

O I sought you
not knowing you were
part of my very being,
covering me, dripping drops
of amethyst by my steps,
preparing me for the
exquisite love infused
in your presence~

Since I caressed the lotus
of your deep gentleness,
in your absence
I find myself whispering
your sacred name,
inwardly turning to you
for the subtlest needs
making themselves known,
your being ornaments my soul~

© 2015 Aïda Touré

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The Prophets’ Gathering (14″x18″ painting)

The Prophets' gathering

The Prophets’ Gathering 14″x18″ acrylic on canvas panel © 2006

The Prophets’ Gathering is one of those paintings I worked on with great joy~ It was inspired by the profound awe I felt toward the Prophet Muhammad’s (saw) Miraj/Ascension, the nightly journey through which he met the other prophets (as) of Divine One and prayed with them. This theme is one of my favorite ones because it evokes the Oneness of all prophets (as). Below is the poem that offered this painting.

~ The Prophets’ Gathering ~

The breath of Allah (swt) in you,
your heart swells with Love,
whirling in seven directions
to attune its own chords
to the cosmic flute-playing
Ruh (as) echoes through
everything like this:
Welcome to ourselves!
This is the sign of the Return!
I, broken loose to those words,
gesture in orange-silver like
the night sky that witnesses
the nocturnal gatherings
of prophets (as) and saints.
After this, no more station of being…

© 2006 Aïda Touré

The Prophets' Gathering

The Prophets’ Gathering 14″x18″ acrylic on canvas panel © 2006

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Of its Splendor


~ Of its Splendor ~

There are manifestations
of Beauty meant to remind you
of the Divine Whisper
your soul carries;
the tender yet powerful
impulse that constantly says:
Do you know who you are?
Do you see your Grace?
If only you knew of its splendor,
you would consciously breathe,
think and speak from Love
and be intentional from there.
All the Beauty around you
is yourself being reflected!

© 2015 Aïda Touré

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My Night Sky


~ My Night Sky ~

Wide open like the Majesty
your soul bursted out of,
you are my Night Sky,
setting all my inner worlds in motion,
turning my lonely into pastel glows
my eyes had yet to behold~

You are my Night Sky,
my tender quietude
in a tangible form,
you cover me as
I pick up the gems of
Bliss that took form
in this dimension~

Softness upon subtlety,
knowing all healing occurs
through ego-shedding,
let us shed our selves now!
My hand tucked in yours,
we are each other I’s,
will you unroll our prayer mats
and lead us to The Divine One~

© 2015 Aïda Touré

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A Purple Delight


~ A Purple Delight ~

La ilaha illa Allah
… your thoughts are a gift to me,
wrapped in a Purple delight
that unfolds of itself
in the sensitive Heart
now overwhelmed by
the mirroring of its own Love
it thought delicately concealed
in the Orange Silence
that precedes all
divine discoveries~

© 2015 Aïda Touré

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The Joy of Disappearing


~ The Joy of Disappearing ~

The nearer the lover
draws to the Beloved,
the more s/he dissolves
into His Love~
Such a soul knows
the joy of disappearing!

© 2015 Aïda Touré

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