Every Little Heaven


~ Every Little Heaven ~

I get lost in
every little heaven
that escapes on earth
whenever you say my name,
I’m summoned to return
to Love over and over~

© 2015 Aïda Touré


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Inward Fragrance


~ Inward Fragrance ~

Have you let some of your inward
fragrance escape today?
When will you free yourself
of your self?
The greatest love
of your life is
right at the corner
of your letting go
of your ego. Be bold!

© 2015 Aïda Touré

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~ Awliya ~

soul pulled to the Light,
their desires crawling
at the prophets’ feet,
they kiss their footprints,
ego subdued and tamed
by the torrents of Love;
torn open and elated,
in tune with the Qur’an,
they long for the divine gaze
upon their cloaked selves~
Their poverty has brought them
authentic wealth,
soul-breath echoing Hu,
they now disappear at will,
riding the sonar tides of Bliss
flowing and ebbing within~
The light caresses their cheeks
with its pre-cosmic Music
and they sob for days!
Only true lovers know
the meaning of what
was just said!

© 2015 Aïda Touré

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Wherever I Turn


~ Wherever I Turn ~

Look at my looseness,
my wild freedom to be!
Wherever I turn,
it is You that I seek~

© 2015 Aïda Touré

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Of Ablution


photo credit © Alex Newman

~ Of Ablution ~

My love, each step you take
into entering a Mosque
is a sacred journey
that prepares you
to enter the Mosque
of your own self~
When you step inside
the House of the Beloved
you learn to turn inward~
Say: “Bismillah!
Every gesture,
every movement you make
draws the presence near;
therefore, you must strive
to cultivate Harmony
before you intend to pray~
Prayer tears up the veil
between you and your Source,
it washes yourself of separation
through the blessings of Ablution.
A Mosque simply mirrors
every cell within you!
You are a sacred space,
a receptacle of Effulgence.
Precious one, know yourself
so that you may know your Lord~

© 2015 Aïda Touré

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Ramadan’s Secret


~ Ramadan’s Secret ~

Bismillah, here’s the chance
to be more attentive
to the soul’s divine whisper.
Embrace all the subtlety
that constitutes your being:
become the Qur’an
that reads itself through you!
Dear one, seal your lips,
stop and be gloriously still,
taste the cosmic nutrients
carried by your very Breath.
This is Ramadan’s secret:
transcendently, immanently,
you are in a constant dance
with the Beloved,
learn His moves, yield to them;
explore the innermost,
know the selfless lover in you
that loses all control
and whirls like galaxies
when all atoms sing:
la ilaha illa Allah!

© 2015 Aïda Touré

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