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Taken by the Hand

::: In composing poetry, the deep range of emotions experienced can trigger a great sense of vulnerability in us which is magnified even more once we step out of the creative grace and come in contact anew with the “reality” of this world. This coming and going from oneness to duality can fill one with a great sense of sadness because once we know some degree of sublime beauty, anything which contrasts with that carries some violence which is such a burden…

Last night, I was deeply affected by the images of distress and tragedy I saw after the Tsunami, we’re not striving for harmony with the Divine, it’s the scariest part … Allah (swt) knows best. :::


Seeing You All

::: The more I travel this lonesome path, the more I seem to encounter rare souls who are upwardly inclined and and not just enamored with His Majesty’s gifts but completely willing to surrender out of pure love. Isn’t it the most amazing thing to come across longing human beings? For me, being exposed to their impressions and expressions is similar to reliving childhood all over again with its holy moments where we just were ourselves, discerning, free and wisely wild! :::



::: There is some clarity sensitive beings bring to our life. Their presence opens us up to the delicate yet powerful energy which is love. I derive great joy from interacting with sensitive people, they have a gentle way, an easiness in just being that pulls me toward remembrance of Surrender. Sensitivity is the natural disposition of the heart so how beautiful are those who have preserved their inborn dance with Light amidst a world that promotes coarseness. :::


Unravelling Grace

::: What is most exciting about existence is the potential to discover some unknown degree of grace in others, in nature and in the subtlest motions that occur within as well as without us … Weren’t we all meant to be witnesses to that grandeur? Al hamdulillah :::