Root of Destruction

::: Destruction derives from our yielding to falsehood such as man-made systems that consider man as a commodity and nothing more: they use man to establish and maintain their power, and in turn man uses weaker fellow men to claim power as those who use him, it’s demeaning for mankind has such a great innate potential that is wasted! The more we adjust to falsehood the more conditioned we are to adopt self-destructive patterns which eventually manifest themselves with violence as we fail to ackowledge our disharmony. When nature destroys us it is to establish the balance we fail to cultivate inside. We lead our existence through falsehood, hypocrisy, unrighteousness; this simply implies seeking destruction.

We’re afraid to turn inward and to really accept the earthly challenges that come with being one’s true self as retribution from the world always follows the one who is his true self. Ultimately one who aspires to live in dignity and wholeness should take courage and develop his uniqueness, his true capabilities, his completeness. He should refuse to exist in conformity to fragmentation, he should refuse to be demeaned and deprived of the use of his own Intelligence as man-made systems prone. No one was born to become an automaton nor a slave to any creation … :::