::: Opening wide to others entails trusting Love to be nursing of one’s vulnerability and unknowingness. The more we present ourselves as we truly are, the more mercy we experience and this can occur in cycles that move beyond time and space and with perfection too! If we want to be touched and moved by Life we must first learn to deepen ourselves and this simply means being our true, humble selves with no fear nor shame of our childlikeness and purity. Why mask our beauty with layers of ego elaborations and calculations? This blurs our clarity. Isn’t it in our essence to be beautiful, rich, delicate yet strong and full of laughter? the greatest power arises from such states of truth. :::


Don’t Ever Wonder Who is There With You!

::: The Divine Presence’s reality is too subtle for us to even discern until we acknowledge the tremendous love that pumps this sonic energy in our heart “kun, kun, kun ” or “ be, be, be” , millions and millions of times… We are years of Breath, years of generosity from the Throne’s station all the way down here: our chest. What is this phenomenon but a sign of Mercy from The Source? Mentioning all this just made my eyes blink in wonder of all that exists that I know nothing about! :::