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Sleepless Lovers

my third book of poems “Nocturnal Light”

~ Sleepless Lovers ~

at night, true lovers never
sleep. Diligently, they gather
in the mosque of Surrender,

chanting till their voices
adorn the moon’s glitter
and the air whispers
the divine sacred names.

Lo! The clouds vibrate
with ninety-nine colors.
Suddenly, the devotees
shed some tears first

then, their own shapes:
in reality, only Unity reigns
gloriously encompassing
those who conspire against it.

There’s a self-made deafness
within these skeptics’ ears,
even when Christ walked
inside of their being

to disperse his holy music
they cringed, frightened
by his clarity, his loving,
his pure cleansing them!

From the soul’s view,
there is no such thing
as independence and self,
for she always longs for

that which is immense,
glowing and which unites;
Prophets are that glow!
The lover follows them only

because they are the night,
the essence, reassembling
each one unto the Light.
Lovers stay awake in the dark,

steeped in devotional love,
they circle around the Kaaba
inside, crying al hamdulillah.
O friend, cease all your doing!

Here, some secret femininity
is unfolding with luminosity.
Detach from all conditioning
for now, the Prophets appear…

excerpt from: Nocturnal Light

© 2001 Aïda Touré

Sufi Poetry

Innermost Conversation

From your lips
to my ears, soft winds
alternate, circulate
then elated, they say:

my love, we are mixed.
You are honey
I am milk, both
stirring in a bowl,

we feed the poor
inside, the noble
inquirer who longs
for His Paradise.

Such truths-thoughts
nurture, they climb
to the higher world
then they slip their joy

to all in a whisper:
we too are slaves
to His Holy Unity!
So they dance and

polish our essence,
we experience healing
on this Way. No more
discord amongst us when

the Word reaches us,
no misunderstanding,
only one love-flow
only one conversation

which soul already knows.
No stutter, nor timidity,
only simplicity: only clarity.
How sacred is companionship!

~Nocturnal Light
© 2004 Aida Toure’


Heart’s Language

::: What am I to do? I don’t particularly care for verbal convincing whereas most exchanges are just intellectual battles where forceful convincing and verbosity seem like weapons to dominate the other’s voice. It drains me already to talk most of the time and even more so when there’s no receptivity from the person I’m having the conversation with. For pure communication, we should attune to the heart, its language would free us from the misunderstandings and ruptures caused by words. :::


Purpose of Adversity

::: The evils of human systematizations cause suffering to the embodied soul yet this pain renders the individual upwardly inclined. At some point, the terrible malaise encountered in observing this world’s disharmonious ways propels the human soul toward The Divine. Only in adversity can the soul be empowered to manifest its true purpose and grace. Therefore every time we are afflicted by the harsh conditions and circumstances around us, we should remember the Benevolent who unendingly oversees and nurtures our destiny. :::


Speech and Silence

::: The soul ultimately aspires to wander Kalima (the Word) lest it loses itself … The soul who longs for Kalima befriends speechlessness. Such soul’s lips are continuously kissed by silence yet when they move, it is to tear falsehood to shreds: after these sweet moments, there the soul is again; fully awake in its not-being. :::


Doing What’s Beautiful

::: Bismillah, the holy prophet Muhammad (saw) revealed that God is beautiful and that therefore He loves beauty. The most natural way of honoring and drawing nigher His Presence is by doing what’s beautiful or “ihsan”. It’s not enough for us to just admire beauty, let us live it, breathe it, become it so that eventually we can witness the miracles of beauty as it whispers to us “do what’s beautiful my love, it’s now your turn!” :::


Displaced Intention

::: We don’t always seek meaning in gestures, we tend to respond to the forms of apparent love yet sometimes it is impossible to grasp what is truly behind some elaborate, decorated exterior … Here’s what matters: there’s some atmopshere around each of us and when it suggests agitation or discomfort to our mind, we should listen to that suggestion and run … :::