Sleepless Lovers


my third book of poems “Nocturnal Light”

~ Sleepless Lovers ~

at night, true lovers never
sleep. Diligently, they gather
in the mosque of Surrender,

chanting till their voices
adorn the moon’s glitter
and the air whispers
the divine sacred names.

Lo! The clouds vibrate
with ninety-nine colors.
Suddenly, the devotees
shed some tears first

then, their own shapes:
in reality, only Unity reigns
gloriously encompassing
those who conspire against it.

There’s a self-made deafness
within these skeptics’ ears,
even when Christ walked
inside of their being

to disperse his holy music
they cringed, frightened
by his clarity, his loving,
his pure cleansing them!

From the soul’s view,
there is no such thing
as independence and self,
for she always longs for

that which is immense,
glowing and which unites;
Prophets are that glow!
The lover follows them only

because they are the night,
the essence, reassembling
each one unto the Light.
Lovers stay awake in the dark,

steeped in devotional love,
they circle around the Kaaba
inside, crying al hamdulillah.
O friend, cease all your doing!

Here, some secret femininity
is unfolding with luminosity.
Detach from all conditioning
for now, the Prophets appear…

excerpt from: Nocturnal Light

© 2001 Aïda Touré


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