What You Are Here For …

::: Life is a cosmic ear that constantly leans toward our mouths to listen to the divine Sound we are made of. Everywhere, there is some praising we must contribute to! No creation, no soul wants to be left out of this ecstatic act of love. All motions that occur in the Universe are signs of this vast praising and listening. :::

© 2005 Aida Toure’.


Art Defeats the Ego

::: Through their work, true artists build bridges between the communities of men so that amidst our differences, we may discover our commonalities and experience the joy of relating on a universal octave. In this beautiful sentiment of love and unity dwells the power of Art. True Art stirs higher dormant emotions in us which eventually push us on the brink of Surrender: at last we celebrate our Source, and remember its Majesty. Some Arts contanstly push mankind on the edge of Union, thus this phenomenon confronts all illusions of separation and teaches about what our world dismisses the most: Love :::

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When the soul enters
Her Home, she sighs
In quiet remembrance:

“O! I had been a lover,
Effusive, soft and deep
Like la Ngounie yet

I was lost in wantings
And worldly rigidities
Lord! Now I am liberated

For, I finally understand
I was brought to density
To cultivate transcendence.

My iridescent eye lowers
In honor of Your Heights
While my sustenance is met

Between lapses of inertia,
You are the radiant force
Which sustains all lovers

In the realm of Conversation,
Motionlessnes is my song
Let me be still when in joy!”

excerpt from book of poetry ~The Sublime Sphere 

© 2000 Aïda Touré


Walking Out of Being

::: Some days you just want to sit by the Door of non-being and have a glimpse of that which carries your soul with such love. You may end up wretched then consumed in that wait but isn’t it what all lovers secretly want? To walk out of self and to feel the embrace of Whoever awaits there is the surprise they want. :::


The Divine Book

::: I recently discovered this Qur’an French translation (by Andre Chouraqui) that is the most poetic ever! When I read its first chapter, al Fatiha I fell inside … :::

1. Au nom d’Allah, le Matriciant, le Matriciel.
2. La désirance d’Allah, Rabb des univers,
3. le Matriciant, le Matriciel,
4. souverain au jour de la Créance:
5. Toi, nous te servons, Toi, nous te sollicitons.
6. Guide-nous sur le chemin ascendant,
7. le chemin de ceux que tu ravis, non pas celui des courroucés ni des fourvoyés.


Heart of Our Hearts

::: We dance with the energy that quiet words give off. There is some reading through which we can know a deeper level of love offered not so much through the words themselves but each of their letters seem to make some powerful movement that pulls us toward the secret heart, the ever-prostrated… There is some deep mystery to our presence here that only the heart knows and deciphers, therefore when we lay our eyes on luminous words, the heart finally sees that which it’s been longing for which is some love of its own love, some cosmic mirroring of its unexpressed amourousness. There’s great pleasure in experiencing the mirroring of what’s most concealed in us which is our Beauty. :::