Coral Voidness

~Coral Voidness~

Our link can not be spoken.
I spiral in persevering attempts
To utter one word, then two
And my lips decisively close

In the silence of our meeting.
There are initiates there, smiling
To the unfolding secrets; for,
The tongue can not articulate

Such light, such soundlessness!
I am evaporating O, beloved
Break this crystal pen in two,
Make all duality fuse in you;

Let the inarticulateness perdure!
Dense galaxies ought to view
Through us that coral voidness,
My opening in you is a soft whirl;

I’m a night sky, a mauve quietude
Please, lead us far from the tumults
And undulations of those sheets,
I’ll be lost if I ever continue this…

excerpt from: ~The Sublime Sphere


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Filed under Inner Reality, Saints, Spiritual Art, Spirituality, Sufi Poetry, Tasawwuf

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