Golden Corridor

As Surrender leads the way
I hold your inaudibility

in my arms and it says:
birth me now!

Let thislight explode silently.
In that weightlessness

pearl-like particles, astir,
release a holy reciting,

this whisper-comforting:
in each soul, there is

Mary bearing the Word!
An unending encore ever

suffuses the material world.
So like a flower softened

by the tiding of Christ’s
continual comings, I bloom

with my inside dispersed,
I withdraw in your visiting

matter. This promises to be
a melodious luxuriating

for secretly, each form is
a flute that only He can play,

we become the celestial music
as a response to the grace;

in each, He blows impartially.
No one is a doer here!

We are only witnessing,
revering, floating to the doing.

Here’s the Sound again, entering!
Never have I heard such beauty,

it curves around my braids
then it serenades yours.

We crawl on the ceiling
everywhere, assuming

countless heights then,
We pause.

Lo! Our cowries celebrate
and the whole Creation falls

in a magnanimous embrace.
Every time we display such unity

my hands do this: they chant
toward the upper existence

in gesturing gratitude, they
dance, thrive and expand

till they become a breeze,
sumptuous, rich with healing.

Now all the wounds we hid
start for the Golden Corridor

to emulate the lucent color,
they race toward us, declining

the despair of paleness;
they beg for the little kiss,

the medicine which started
this gathering in the Essence.

excerpt from ~Nocturnal Light

copyright 2003 Aida Toure.


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