The Hidden Christ

::: Throughout the centuries, the authentic religion of Jesus Christ (peace) has been lost in the establishment of religious institutions and their self-appointed “authorities”. One concern about religious hierarchy and institutions is that at some point, the preservation of prestige and expansion of power seem to matter more to them than the Truth and the Love they claim to represent and the prophet’s teachings they claim to follow. There have been centuries of false teachings relentlessly instilled in all of us in the name of beautiful Christ (peace) yet we all came from the Truth so it’s part of our nature to eventually question the colossal contradictions that have been enforced on our minds for so long and to thus take courage and gently go through the deprogramming process …

For those who are genuinely open to uncovering more about the hidden Christ (peace) and his authentic Message without bias, click here and then
here .

The Holy Bible itself opens our eyes to some of the inventions against Christ (peace). The Sacred Book was altered and censored yet obviously all of it could not be altered as some of its verses oppose the misleading doctrines and articles of faith established at the Council of Nicea in 325. I’ll share some of those verses in time inshAllah… :::


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