When the soul enters
Her Home, she sighs
In quiet remembrance:

“O! I had been a lover,
Effusive, soft and deep
Like la Ngounie yet

I was lost in wantings
And worldly rigidities
Lord! Now I am liberated

For, I finally understand
I was brought to density
To cultivate transcendence.

My iridescent eye lowers
In honor of Your Heights
While my sustenance is met

Between lapses of inertia,
You are the radiant force
Which sustains all lovers

In the realm of Conversation,
Motionlessnes is my song
Let me be still when in joy!”

excerpt from book of poetry ~The Sublime Sphere 

© 2000 Aïda Touré


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Filed under Spiritual Art, Spirituality, Sufi Poetry, Sufism, Tasawwuf

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