Universal Light

::: One of the greatest miracles, according to its function and constitution, is the Eye; do we allow it to serve its purpose? Or do we oppress it to suit our own convenience too like we do with our hearts and our fellow creatures’? … Light permeates us all impartially, yet do we even notice? :::

“Those who believe in the Qur’an, and those who follow the Jewish Scriptures, and the Christians and the Sabians, and who believe in Allah and the Last Day, and work righteousenss, shall have their reward with their Lord; on them shall be no fear nor shall they grieve.” (2: 62 Qur’an)


A Mercy to Mankind

::: “A mercy to mankind“: this is how the Qur’an describes the Prophet Muhammad (saw) who’s been a perfect example of grace and tolerance for all. The holy prophet Muhammad (saw) said: “A true believer is one with whom others feel secure. One who returns love for hatred.” The essence of Islam remains the same as it was on its descent, it’s up to us to discover it and to live it in its pure form… more on the love and tolerance of God’s last messenger. :::

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Outside of Ordinariness

We are conditioned to become ordinary yet the soul and her activities are not ordinary, they are exceptional. Beings who have accomplished extraordinary works did it because they were attuned to the Origin of their souls, their Source from which all life flows. Our struggle as humans lies in allowing the soul’s true nature to just be while we journey in a world whose institutions encourage the opposite. The process of realizing our true egoless nature is what Prophet Muhammad (saw) called the greater jihad.

© 2005 Aïda Touré

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Why We Listen Within …

Following the Pull inside you start to walk the path of not-knowing, isolated in it all it seems. Determined and dishevelled with your grace getting wilder and wilder, you encounter love in forms you never knew existed! And you ask what is this Meeting, where does it come from? No answer… and you mumble what is this humming Sound? No answer … Patient, you wait another day and lo! Suddenly the universe smiles at you through the presence of friends in the Friend: in their company you humble even more and want to spend the rest of your life on the floor, prostrated.

© 2005 Aïda Touré

Spiritual Art

On Expecting The Beloved


~ On Expecting the Beloved ~

Each one is a void which
Contains the Holy Word,
Truth resounds in all of us;

Whether we are plunged
In the intangible or in matter,
To only Truth spirit responds.

Our current materialization
Is part of the global delusion,
In essence, we but witness

The spiritual transformation
Of our collective consciousness
In The All-Perfect’s beingness.

When the inner syndrome
Discloses loneliness, growth
Is steering self to detachment:

You ought to forsake the
Tawdry lures of the world
To find divine guidance,

It is an individual War
All souls eventually fight,
You must learn to be patient

For, underneath the Sky
Or wherever one dwells,
Time is the Cosmic Hand;

You can not rush Love
Even if it saturates
Your new found awareness,

This wait ever is a grace,
Use it to make your way
Toward the elevated place

Where passivity and activity
No longer are distinct; in
Oneness flow their currents.

After you become that,
That balanced richness,
Then, you will find yourself

Filled with the Sacred Union.
You shall be the reflection
Of the surrendered dimensions

Where skies blend with oceans,
The four seasons too participate
To this gathering till definitions

Dissolve into a Sound which
Softly praises The Unique.
There is but one substance

In spite of the seeming multiplicity.
The quiet, ecstatic harmony
The galaxies display results

From their being at peace
With The Most Forebearing,
You too friend came to partake

To that multidimensional loving…
O! mashAllah, God willed so.

© 2003 Aida Toure.

~ The Sublime Sphere


Spiritual Destitution

::: The heart is the seat of our being, our actions and words are reflections of our heart’s condition. The plight of men’s communities and nations mirrors our hidden collective heart … more :::

“… Surely never will Allah change the condition of a people until they change what is in themselves … ” (Qur’an 13: 11)

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Outside Loving

I’m grateful you came
and connected quietly.

I wanted to hold you
but your light dazzles.

In such love, no more
restive familiarity,

how useless the touch!
Only contemplating now.

You dance in my eye,
peeling the core-layers

of materiality then you
slide in some crowd

and clothe them with you,
I run to embrace them

one after the other as
they wonder at my insane,
contagious kindness:

let us praise,
we are in Love
although most see not

Eyes close, smiling,
I whisper in their ear:

know that the Friend
is here, amongst us,

A voice inside
this moment says,

Kun: Be!

Lo! Collectively, we grow
ticklish and curled up
in grace and laughter.

~ Nocturnal Light

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Yielding to Anger

::: The fact that we’re instructed to always aim for short-term goals limits our true capacities. Looking anxiously for immediate gain in all we do makes us miss out on the greater experiences that could only develop with a patient, receptive attitude. Unfortunately greed and the excessive materialism of this age encourage to aggressiveness, anger and calculations that literally turn us into constant takers: scary, unhealthy beings to be shunned! We approach the different spectrums of our life with that attitude, our dealings end up revolving around false considerations which demean our lives and eventually suppress our beauty and that of others’. :::



::: Our excessive attachments keep us occupied with activities we have no business doing! A misguided elite decided to found their system’s expansion upon the ego’s shortcomings and we followed suit no matter how detrimental and contemptuous it is for the collectivity. We consume life by trying to capitalize from that which we do not own nor control: speculation, no being of humility does that! What sickness has overtaken us that we normalized transgression? The reason why children die of starvation in certain parts of the globe is because some misers-adults scheme to steal their food! Now how lowly is that? :::


The Voice Inside

::: I sometimes wonder about formal education and how all of a sudden something in me became fiercely resistant to it… I was the really quiet elusive type when in the classroom, never participated to class discussions although teachers would encourage me to, I felt no motivation whatsoever. I observed everything from the lies emitted from some teachers, to the reactions of the students. I enjoyed the subtle music behind language and only hoped for the opportunity to freely wander it… Looking back it seems I was already more concerned with inner hidden things. The noise and narrowness of forms and the compulsion to align with their rigidity bored me without any limit …lol… I’m glad I can laugh about it now because as a teenager it alienated me!

I revere learning as long as it doesn’t erode our sense of Identity but rather enhances it. There is an inner feeling of satisfaction we have when we truly learn yet when we feel the opposite everyday that we’re being “educated” it implies there’s a problem… At some point, for the sake of helping oneself and one’s own kind, one should follow one’s inner voice/heart especially if it makes them sick not to. :::


Watch Your Shadow!

::: If you ever wondered about that dance that your shadow does… :::

“Whatever beings there are in the heavens and on the earth do prostrate themselves to Allah (acknowledging subjection) with good will or in spite of themselves, so do their shadows in the mornings and evenings.” (Qur’an 13: 15)