The Voice Inside

::: I sometimes wonder about formal education and how all of a sudden something in me became fiercely resistant to it… I was the really quiet elusive type when in the classroom, never participated to class discussions although teachers would encourage me to, I felt no motivation whatsoever. I observed everything from the lies emitted from some teachers, to the reactions of the students. I enjoyed the subtle music behind language and only hoped for the opportunity to freely wander it… Looking back it seems I was already more concerned with inner hidden things. The noise and narrowness of forms and the compulsion to align with their rigidity bored me without any limit …lol… I’m glad I can laugh about it now because as a teenager it alienated me!

I revere learning as long as it doesn’t erode our sense of Identity but rather enhances it. There is an inner feeling of satisfaction we have when we truly learn yet when we feel the opposite everyday that we’re being “educated” it implies there’s a problem… At some point, for the sake of helping oneself and one’s own kind, one should follow one’s inner voice/heart especially if it makes them sick not to. :::


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