Outside Loving

I’m grateful you came
and connected quietly.

I wanted to hold you
but your light dazzles.

In such love, no more
restive familiarity,

how useless the touch!
Only contemplating now.

You dance in my eye,
peeling the core-layers

of materiality then you
slide in some crowd

and clothe them with you,
I run to embrace them

one after the other as
they wonder at my insane,
contagious kindness:

let us praise,
we are in Love
although most see not

Eyes close, smiling,
I whisper in their ear:

know that the Friend
is here, amongst us,

A voice inside
this moment says,

Kun: Be!

Lo! Collectively, we grow
ticklish and curled up
in grace and laughter.

~ Nocturnal Light


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Filed under Spirituality, Sufi Poetry, Sufism, Tasawwuf

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