On Expecting The Beloved


~ On Expecting the Beloved ~

Each one is a void which
Contains the Holy Word,
Truth resounds in all of us;

Whether we are plunged
In the intangible or in matter,
To only Truth spirit responds.

Our current materialization
Is part of the global delusion,
In essence, we but witness

The spiritual transformation
Of our collective consciousness
In The All-Perfect’s beingness.

When the inner syndrome
Discloses loneliness, growth
Is steering self to detachment:

You ought to forsake the
Tawdry lures of the world
To find divine guidance,

It is an individual War
All souls eventually fight,
You must learn to be patient

For, underneath the Sky
Or wherever one dwells,
Time is the Cosmic Hand;

You can not rush Love
Even if it saturates
Your new found awareness,

This wait ever is a grace,
Use it to make your way
Toward the elevated place

Where passivity and activity
No longer are distinct; in
Oneness flow their currents.

After you become that,
That balanced richness,
Then, you will find yourself

Filled with the Sacred Union.
You shall be the reflection
Of the surrendered dimensions

Where skies blend with oceans,
The four seasons too participate
To this gathering till definitions

Dissolve into a Sound which
Softly praises The Unique.
There is but one substance

In spite of the seeming multiplicity.
The quiet, ecstatic harmony
The galaxies display results

From their being at peace
With The Most Forebearing,
You too friend came to partake

To that multidimensional loving…
O! mashAllah, God willed so.

© 2003 Aida Toure.

~ The Sublime Sphere


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