Blank Sheets

~ Blank Sheets ~

Words are unimportant
To the surrendered soul.
I’d say I am illiterate
Language is hollow

My pages are blank
All I can behold
Is a dazzling light,
I cannot spell

I cannot compose
One single line,
Love will testify
Impulse is unspoken,

Unity cannot be broken;
The cosmic pulse
Borrows my pen
Lo! Each letter curves

Around my hand,
They bow to emptiness
And I only witness
For I am but a servant

Annihilated in quietness.
Those creations reflect
The impartial mercy
Of The Beneficent.

Elaboration is of our plane,
In the humble heart
Expression simply is
The grace of being.

Intellectualism is good
Yet wisdom is best,
The Word must be
Understood but

Words are unimportant;
I often omit how to read,
O, I forget how to spell
I’d say I am illiterate

Still, my mind dances!
These sheets are filled
With the nothingness
Of self-consumption

Soul has an addiction:
The clarity of silence.
Words are unimportant,
I cannot utter them.

~ The Sublime Sphere

© 2000 Aida Toure’

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