Sufi Poetry

Lucent Paradise

Nocturnal Light: Sufi poems
Nocturnal Light: Sufi poems

~ Lucent Paradise ~

Our most feminine energies:
yesterday, enormous longings.

Today, whirling human beings.
Tomorrow, just symphonies;

all, cloaked in this beauty.
Woman, man, the same!

We all are at the mercy
of some nostalgia within.

Each, a sweet garden which
exudes the fragrance-love

here, there, everywhere!
O friend, never rely on

your olfactory sense
to convey that pure scent;

instead, grow quiet and
open the windows inside,

Let us behold your garden!
Let us admire your soul’s

bouquet as it praises Light
in unending prostration,

let us see its leaves and petals
fly about with perfect direction,

we long to revel in the delight
of your divine cultivation!

Now, let this mouth be sealed;
inner nature wants praying.

excerpt from: Nocturnal Light © 2003 Aïda Touré


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