Disobey & Shine

::: Bismillah, everywhere around us there are subtle signs that call the soul to some divine wildness rebel my love! What’s this passiveness you’ve been accustomed to? Run to your Center, run until you are no more… We are waiting there in Love.

We are not from here. All the qualities that are inherent to us are oppressed by our constant response to false, mundane “values” the soul has absolutely no respect for therefore, as long as we abide by these misleading values, our very core is repressed so we become weak (fearful, greedy, controlling, angry). As we are that repressed, so are our talents, our peace, our quintessence… There is some glorious disobedience that we all secretly aspire to: facing the world, heart naked and daring to just be egoless! Saints call this honor dying before death. Yes you must dare to die before you die. :::


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