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Soul’s Hira Cave

Glorious in its reign,
Solitude opens your heart
To the original secret Name
Say only those with grace
Can dance through this mystery

We all are returning
Like the Holy Qur’an,
Timelessly ascending
In the Essence of Muhammad
Jesus and Moses, alayhum salam;
They all stroll through its pages
In harmony chanting
Allah is the Light
Of the heavens and the earth,
He makes no separation between us.

Yet only the egoless pulse
Gets propelled to such music!
Hypocrites’ hearing is sealed,
They separate but to mislead.

Those plotters nourish
Their ego sense in prejudice
And lo! Meteors befall them
For hatred breeds but fire
Yet here, solitude hands flowers!

Where are those who echo the Calling?
Each soul visits the Hira cave,
In all, enlightenment awaits;
A pure heart, holy loneliness
And Love are the prerequisites.

In order to know the Presence
You must leave your self
And be empty, absent…

(c) 2009 Aïda Touré


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