Blissful Lament

::: Oftentimes in what we tangibly do, there are formulas to follow, especially if our work method is the product of some institution. Usually, the thought-process acquired as a result of association with certain institutions garantees the external validation of our work regardless of its authenticity and quality.

I get questions about how I started writing so I’m going to address it here.

Writing & Art just happened to me after I had been compelled to retreat from certain worldly situations (including school) that profoundly drained me. Once I was allowed to tend to what felt most natural to me (Stillness, Quietude and Listening) I picked up a green pen, bought a pink note book and suddenly I started writing. I was 23 years-old then. Over the years, my experience of Art assumed diverse forms … yet they all seem as one discipline to me.

I did not have any academic training so I have no systematic, recognized formulas to observe. As far as conveying my work to the universal family, I know which “established” way to not follow. The discovery of the appropriate way to follow is at times an incredibly puzzling process for me since I have no living example to draw upon. I have had no teacher, no mentor, nor any form of support from any conventional instutition. I did not attend any, remember? So everything artistic that I do is born of some Impulse I cherish as it’s all I have had all along.

On that note, I just completed my new book of Sufi poems which I’ll gladly reveal in due time through, inshAllah … :::

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