Yogananda Paramahansa (1893-1952)

I pleasantly came across the beautiful Indian saint‘s autobiography one day “by accident” in a bookstore. I was about 23 years old with a great longing for answers to my inner Quest. Born to a Muslim father and thus in Islam, I was raised with the moral and traditional values of Islam.

When I found out about Yogananda’s work, I had already studied the Bhagavad Gita so I was yet familiar with certain Indian spiritual and cultural notions. What I enjoyed the most while reading “Autobiography of a Yogi” was the moving description of Yogananda‘s quest for the Divine from childhood, his first meeting with his spiritual master, his practice of Kriya Yoga, its benefits and the tradition through which it was revealed.

After having read the whole book with its striking motherly charged energy, I was clearly encouraged to formally embrace the practice of Islam. I then realized that the manifestation and work of saints transcend the notion of “religions” as conceived by the mundane.


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