Chain of Holy Sparks

Love unveils a vast space
Where the polished rays
of two joined souls

Turn to the manna of
Other surrendered souls.
We all subconsciously

Form a community where
Our devotional activities
Stir our higher nature.

Before we become aware
Of it, our inner genius
Shows his face; the twinkle

Of his dancing flame thus
Ignites other smothered flames:
A chain of holy sparks is recreated

And the conspiring one is defeated.
When immersed in that pure love,
It is a delight to be involved

In the uplifment of the collective
Consciousness. Ever-sensible
Of His Beneficence, we learn

To be free of attachment
For, only noble expressions
Lead to a deeper illumination.

Lovers’ harmonious oneness
Is a nourishing light which
In turn is ever nurtured

By an even subtler light
That shall dwell wherever
Purity is continuing ….

This purposeful intimacy
Is a majestic bow to
The Most Loving.

~The Sublime Sphere


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