My thinking leans forward
As if it could brush
Your vast presence.

Thoughts know no restraint,
With clarity they lead us

Toward transcendence.
A divine grace awaits,
It pours forth patience,

We both are looking forward
To that sacred moment

When soul and Soul fuse
Beyond the density of flesh.
I am chasing calmness,

Longing for the peace
of a gentler residence;

You are that pure place,
The subtle beginning
Which imbued my face

With airs of calm music.
The sun is into that being,

That vulnerable the world
Laughs at till in the openness
Of its external mocking,

Union slips in too!
There is a cosmic tear

We all shed, unknowingly.
How can I resume surrender
When it has rocked me

In terderness ever since
The Majesty of unbornness?

~ The Sublime Sphere


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