Power of Art in Islam

::: A heart that is submitted to Allah (swt), a Muslim heart is a creative heart. Creativity is a manifestation of Intelligence. Islam recommands its followers to nurture their intelligence and to share its fruits within respect of the Divine Law. Art created in this light is a form of dawah, it can help dissipate all the current, widespread misconceptions about Islam.

Muslim parents should encourage their children to express their artistic talents. We do not realize how powerful art that celebrates the teachings of the Qur’an and Prophet Muhammad (swt) is! Such art has a an extremely powerful, timeless impact upon those who experience it.

The most read, celebrated enlightened poets of this world were Muslim. It’s interesting to observe the impact their work has had upon those who denigrate Islam. They may have a negative outlook on Islam and thrive to promote this negativity with the help of the media yet it doesn’t change the fact that they’re in complete awe of the Muslim genius which obviously is a testimony to an Islam that is of beauty, purity, majesty, peace, egolessness, grace, universality and tolerance.

I believe in encouraging creativity in the Ummah as it invites non-Muslims to know the spectrum of Islam that is “omitted” by the medias. With time, I hope to discover more and more Muslim artists who proudly honor the divine beauty of Islam through their work. Everything starts with children, let us encourage our Muslim children to express their talents.

“Allah (swt) is beautiful and He loves beauty.”
-Prophet Muhammad (saw) :::


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