Seeing the Heart

::: I attended a wedding where I saw and met beautiful people from various cultures so it was a different kind of experience.

At the table I was sitting, I saw one of the most impressive demeanor I had seen ever in a stranger: a Muslim brother was there with his family, throughout the celebration he had this really poised, dignified demeanor I couldn’t help smiling at the spectacle! Yes it was a spectacle in my eyes, it made me proud to see him with this noble posture, seeming completely immersed in the light of Islam.

This is the kind of experience that verifies that for many the practice of Islam has a multidimensional impact upon them. I believe that in order for the external being to convey such a beautiful spiritual energy, it must imply that it’s the reflection of a blessed, prostrated inner life.

There is some grace, a spiritual royalty that the sincere Muslim wears like a garment which is beyond amazing and which invites to inquire about Islam itself. Maybe it’s because I do not go out much but such a sight is so rare to me I had to mention it, Allahu Akbar! :::


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