His Seven Rotations

In his neutralized position
he blossomed like a saint
in the presence

of Holy Prophets.
After a long rest,
he began to dance

the waltz of the exalted;
hands over his chest,
he covered his wounds.

After seven rotations
lo! He was healed …
We all sang suras

to praise The Most High
for His infinite mercy:
He continued to bless us

with the manifestation
of this feared figure.
Beingness is a miracle,

how come we humans
are quick to ambush
those who remind us

of the Divine Law?
By the omnipresence
of The One Invincible

everythhing is marvel
and sacredness. Life gets
depreciated by ignorance,

we cause great violence
to the soul while we fail
to realize that our existence

is one of constant union.
The soul feels as a prisoner
in a world that denies God.

The Sublime Sphere


To Conceal their Hypocrisy

::: Never trust someone whose belief in Islam dissolves after they have known its universality, its beauty. In truth, how can the heart’s love for a Path be suddenly ravaged by some excuse that the Path is not represented as it should by its followers? Shouldn’t this argument actually be the opportunity for the person to be an example of what’s authentic about the Path?

Islam when sincerily embraced kneels down our ego sense only to expose us to our deepest insecurities which we must heal. Actually such people forsake the Path to suit their own convenience either by hypocrisy or by cowardice and thus to be excused from facing their own indecisiveness, fears and unstability in the way they move through life.

We all subconsciously seek Comfort/Completeness yet most of the times findind it implies effort and self-discipline. Before we can even perceive the lowest octave of this Comfort, it takes great work and acknowledgement of patterns in our imbalance. This can be difficult to accomplish if we mask our issues with excuses that allow us to keep up with habits that lead to even more fragmentation.

I respect people’s rights to choose but what I do not respect is their insult of the Path (and the Holy Qur’an) , their lack of integrity and their cowardice when they make up false excuses to justify their choices. :::


Inner Visits

::: Peace is the aspiration of the soul. From such a state all sorts of beautiful visitors-emotions come through by turn or by necessity. I compare those visitors to friends who by their grace show you that which you know not. All true friends do this, in different ways so it’s in our best interest to treat those friends kindly and with patience. They stop by, with a gift in their hands and leave once you accepted the gift.

One expression I say relentlessly is thank you which reminds me of the faces people make when they hear my shy, soft-spoken self say thank you over and over again! I just wish I had flowers that grew out of my palms as offerings for each moment I need to say thank you … :::


Wish: Generosity

::: Bismillah, the action of giving was first a thought, a peaceful force sleeping in the Beingness of God. When we acknowledge the dim voice inside that says “give, be!” it’s yet a sign that we are Loved in the most secure way so we should trust that Love and follow its instructions. The more we follow its wise command the stronger that voice flirts with our heart, nurtures us and guides us, no matter what happens we know that we are ok because of this voice that is always present. One who heeds that voice-presence is a blessed soul. Let us all be that blessed. Amin :::


Instutionalized Falsehood

::: The system that imposes itself globally is but an usurping “authority” that is maintained for the sake of an elite: its “values” repose upon corruption and ego-thriving which seek but to disempower wherever there is a gleam of independence and power.

This system exploits instead of serving, it destroys instead of helping. Its destructive pattern is very well reflected through the current economic plight of most African nations, it is not a coincidental situation; the imperialistic forces that have looted the Motherland for centuries and those who collaborate with them are to blame for it. The same exploitative pattern actually operates against the entire globe populations’ prosperity and its multidimensional impact affects the masses while it simultaneaously devours their resources.

Just like many diversity-inclined souls, I experienced formal education (another spectrum to institionalized falsehood for the sake of an elite) as an instrument of oppression, thus I have never had any faith whatsoever in established bureaucracies and I will feel this way as long as they repose upon anti-soul structures (and Western culture’s supremacy over all others) which are a great hindrance to true prosperity for the collectivity.

I believe populations worldwide will realize more and more that they are on their own, there is no such thing as systemic or governmental garantee for protection for the oppressed, it’s all falsehood therefore the notion of being under any earthly “authority” is fictive and artificial. The masses have always been on their own, the greater the “development” of the land, the truer this is …

The Universe through its waltz has been whispering something to us: “in The Divine we have our System, Law and our being, let us leave all the ingrained falsehood behind and return to Majesty … “ :::


Emptiness: Nest of Divinity

When you give up on
everything but your love
for Light, your sense of
selflessness is magnified.

Your introverted side
amplifies until it forms
a fluidic carpet of stars
for reception of The One.

All human sentiments
are wrapped in Presence,
so when one endures the
isolation of separation,

that sorrow is clearing
the spiritual entrances to
make way for His Majesty
for He, He never cohabits,

He only dwells in the empty!

The Sublime Sphere