Instutionalized Falsehood

::: The system that imposes itself globally is but an usurping “authority” that is maintained for the sake of an elite: its “values” repose upon corruption and ego-thriving which seek but to disempower wherever there is a gleam of independence and power.

This system exploits instead of serving, it destroys instead of helping. Its destructive pattern is very well reflected through the current economic plight of most African nations, it is not a coincidental situation; the imperialistic forces that have looted the Motherland for centuries and those who collaborate with them are to blame for it. The same exploitative pattern actually operates against the entire globe populations’ prosperity and its multidimensional impact affects the masses while it simultaneaously devours their resources.

Just like many diversity-inclined souls, I experienced formal education (another spectrum to institionalized falsehood for the sake of an elite) as an instrument of oppression, thus I have never had any faith whatsoever in established bureaucracies and I will feel this way as long as they repose upon anti-soul structures (and Western culture’s supremacy over all others) which are a great hindrance to true prosperity for the collectivity.

I believe populations worldwide will realize more and more that they are on their own, there is no such thing as systemic or governmental garantee for protection for the oppressed, it’s all falsehood therefore the notion of being under any earthly “authority” is fictive and artificial. The masses have always been on their own, the greater the “development” of the land, the truer this is …

The Universe through its waltz has been whispering something to us: “in The Divine we have our System, Law and our being, let us leave all the ingrained falsehood behind and return to Majesty … “ :::


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