To Conceal their Hypocrisy

::: Never trust someone whose belief in Islam dissolves after they have known its universality, its beauty. In truth, how can the heart’s love for a Path be suddenly ravaged by some excuse that the Path is not represented as it should by its followers? Shouldn’t this argument actually be the opportunity for the person to be an example of what’s authentic about the Path?

Islam when sincerily embraced kneels down our ego sense only to expose us to our deepest insecurities which we must heal. Actually such people forsake the Path to suit their own convenience either by hypocrisy or by cowardice and thus to be excused from facing their own indecisiveness, fears and unstability in the way they move through life.

We all subconsciously seek Comfort/Completeness yet most of the times findind it implies effort and self-discipline. Before we can even perceive the lowest octave of this Comfort, it takes great work and acknowledgement of patterns in our imbalance. This can be difficult to accomplish if we mask our issues with excuses that allow us to keep up with habits that lead to even more fragmentation.

I respect people’s rights to choose but what I do not respect is their insult of the Path (and the Holy Qur’an) , their lack of integrity and their cowardice when they make up false excuses to justify their choices. :::


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