His Seven Rotations

In his neutralized position
he blossomed like a saint
in the presence

of Holy Prophets.
After a long rest,
he began to dance

the waltz of the exalted;
hands over his chest,
he covered his wounds.

After seven rotations
lo! He was healed …
We all sang suras

to praise The Most High
for His infinite mercy:
He continued to bless us

with the manifestation
of this feared figure.
Beingness is a miracle,

how come we humans
are quick to ambush
those who remind us

of the Divine Law?
By the omnipresence
of The One Invincible

everythhing is marvel
and sacredness. Life gets
depreciated by ignorance,

we cause great violence
to the soul while we fail
to realize that our existence

is one of constant union.
The soul feels as a prisoner
in a world that denies God.

The Sublime Sphere


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