Sufi Poetry

On Being Moved

The worldly views you
in those slow motions
And they mock.
Embrace being moved!

There is some opening
taking place in you;
constantly, stellar
systems slip through,

nectars gush, and lo!
The feeding of souls
takes place through a flute.
How blessed our center!

The sweet tenderness
of aspiration caused
this uniting, be quiet
in this love-unfolding.

Stay here with me.

All that soul is, always
transpires no matter
how hidden she is.
Be that unknown.

~ Nocturnal Light

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Soul & Poetry: Oneness

Inner Treasure exhibit

Poetry is motions from the unfolding soul. The more surrendered the soul, the deeper her expression makes one dance within. In mystical poetry, words are the soul of the poet, assuming a different prostration to Allah (swt) with each letter. For this reason, the energy of poetry is what truly matters as it dictates the stations the reader goes through while experiencing poetry.

I do not believe in an academic approach to Art which is sacred in my eyes. I am convinced that we all are students to some Cosmic “School” whose standards are perfectly suited to invite the soul to manifest her genius: our earthly education system does the exact opposite, it stifles genius. Abiding thus by the soul’s authentic inclination for transcendence allows one to not only leave the excessive materialism of conventional education behind (if necessary) but it also allows one to leave one’s self too… and how gifted and graceful becomes the one who has gotten rid of the ego! His third ear opens to all the subtleties that whisper through the Universe and as well as through the human body.

The outcome of this phenomenon is Creativity and eventually inshAllah Creations that in turn stir the soul of humankind to Love and Grace. How to know when we come across such Creations? Well there are simple external signs we all have in common when we encounter artistic Generosity: we become subjects to gestures of fulfillment and quiet joy. Upon experiencing certain Arts (whether it is Poetry, Fine Arts, Music …etc…) that deeply move me I feel Home anew and the feeling is it!


Heart Journey

::: The heart in itself is a journey through which we encounter the mysterious wonders of Love. Some feel it, see it, others hear it. In the end all that matters is the sharing of the experience in any way, shape or form so that all those who are on the Way can be exposed to the same delightful invitation toward the Divine.

Beauty and all admirable qualities that appeal to the senses are just baits which eventually unveil the Source of all the majesty called existence.

The wise ones are in awe of The Source and therefore focus on it and not so much on the tangible manifestations that channel The Source’s attributes… la ilaha illa Allah. :::



If Justice were to be established on Earth as it is in His Kingdom, we could not withstand it I believe simply because we are taught to be aligned with illusory values and to almost revere the perpetuators of these false values. Were they to be exposed for the great disservice they’re doing to mankind, many of us who have been “programed” or “trained” to fiercely defend these values would be forced to reconsider their whole lives and even their identity.

Justice is an expression of Truth, we can not endure it unless the soul is in tune with her Source anew. No wonder why the representatives of the Truth, our prophets (peace) and messengers (peace) have always been ridiculed, persecuted, and eliminated. We can’t endure such Light yet! Such presence is way too disturbing and threatenig to a world institutionalized to prosper by falsehood.

May the blessings of The Most Beautiful be upon all His Prophets (peace) who have worked to nurture the flame of Love, Peace and Truth within the collectivity. Amin.


Love Vibes

::: Peace be upon each. Although my time has been consumed with daily obligations, I’m currrently working on a couple of new paintings and inshAllah I’m going to have much to say about them in a little while.

I hope everyone is enjoying Ramadan and its Noturnal Light. How great is His Kindness! :::


Repressing the Feeling Nature

::: I must say something about the most widespread type of oppression: the self-inflicted one. I have noticed that even in situations that require sensitivity and compassion many behave as though they were stones: devoid of sentiments, feelings and emotions.

Since we were created with such a great potential for expressing beauty, why would anyone want to abstract themselves from that grace? Many of us seek love or wonder why they are not loved the way they need when they don’t get the response they expected from others… Well, isn’t love to be experienced with self first? If in our aloneness we don’t practice cultivating love, kindness and subtlety it’s a sure way to oppress ourselves and thus to limit others’ response to us.

How amazing if we showed ourselves as we truly were with our feelings, our impressions! I can almost sense the hurt in someone’s presence when they repress their sentiments, this pressure on the heart leads to huge insecurities that eventually transpire in our life, it manifests as hurt, pain which can be sensed even by a stranger. Someone who excessively conceals his feeling nature or who’s not in tune with it will approach the opposite gender with a mask which is not appealing at all to the soul…

Let us open our hearts and show ourselves as we are if we desire true love… :::


Deep Waters: the painting

::: I just completed Deep Waters that actually came in many languages, it spoke a whole lot …lol… so I painted this one with a sense of urgency.

For me, water symbolises the soul. The atmospheres of the painting find their source in verses of the Holy Qur’an which teaches scientific facts about water as well as the ocean and its invisible separations and such similar signs! “He has let free the two seas meeting together. There is a barrier between them. They do not transgress.”(Quran, 55:19-20)

After a piece is complete, I think I’m moreso interested in seeing through others’ eyes …

and Allah (swt) is Merciful. :::


Et Les Spheres Descendent …

::: A continuous descent of the Spheres occurs within and without us. The most intelligent ones contemplate the phenomenon and inhale its ambrosia while the less subtle-minded attempt to grab it, even own it. Absorbed by their own vain desires and goals, they miss out on the amazing spectacle that unfolds beyond the descent itself!

Then in the spiritual ear, the revealed Music: and no one shall attempt to dis-attune from these Spheres, their purpose is to pull mankind anew to Ascension, Freedom, Detachment, Love and such blessed Poverty. Yet with false pretense, impostors prone the opposite. Maybe there is an impostor in each heart that forgot about The Beloved.

I sit here and unlike the time of childhood, I no longer wonder why this world can not satisfy the soul; we come from such a lofty, luxurious Palace! These Spheres will whisper to you the same … La ilaha illa Allah :::