Et Les Spheres Descendent …

::: A continuous descent of the Spheres occurs within and without us. The most intelligent ones contemplate the phenomenon and inhale its ambrosia while the less subtle-minded attempt to grab it, even own it. Absorbed by their own vain desires and goals, they miss out on the amazing spectacle that unfolds beyond the descent itself!

Then in the spiritual ear, the revealed Music: and no one shall attempt to dis-attune from these Spheres, their purpose is to pull mankind anew to Ascension, Freedom, Detachment, Love and such blessed Poverty. Yet with false pretense, impostors prone the opposite. Maybe there is an impostor in each heart that forgot about The Beloved.

I sit here and unlike the time of childhood, I no longer wonder why this world can not satisfy the soul; we come from such a lofty, luxurious Palace! These Spheres will whisper to you the same … La ilaha illa Allah :::


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