Repressing the Feeling Nature

::: I must say something about the most widespread type of oppression: the self-inflicted one. I have noticed that even in situations that require sensitivity and compassion many behave as though they were stones: devoid of sentiments, feelings and emotions.

Since we were created with such a great potential for expressing beauty, why would anyone want to abstract themselves from that grace? Many of us seek love or wonder why they are not loved the way they need when they don’t get the response they expected from others… Well, isn’t love to be experienced with self first? If in our aloneness we don’t practice cultivating love, kindness and subtlety it’s a sure way to oppress ourselves and thus to limit others’ response to us.

How amazing if we showed ourselves as we truly were with our feelings, our impressions! I can almost sense the hurt in someone’s presence when they repress their sentiments, this pressure on the heart leads to huge insecurities that eventually transpire in our life, it manifests as hurt, pain which can be sensed even by a stranger. Someone who excessively conceals his feeling nature or who’s not in tune with it will approach the opposite gender with a mask which is not appealing at all to the soul…

Let us open our hearts and show ourselves as we are if we desire true love… :::


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