If Justice were to be established on Earth as it is in His Kingdom, we could not withstand it I believe simply because we are taught to be aligned with illusory values and to almost revere the perpetuators of these false values. Were they to be exposed for the great disservice they’re doing to mankind, many of us who have been “programed” or “trained” to fiercely defend these values would be forced to reconsider their whole lives and even their identity.

Justice is an expression of Truth, we can not endure it unless the soul is in tune with her Source anew. No wonder why the representatives of the Truth, our prophets (peace) and messengers (peace) have always been ridiculed, persecuted, and eliminated. We can’t endure such Light yet! Such presence is way too disturbing and threatenig to a world institutionalized to prosper by falsehood.

May the blessings of The Most Beautiful be upon all His Prophets (peace) who have worked to nurture the flame of Love, Peace and Truth within the collectivity. Amin.


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