To Aspire for More

::: By observing and listening, I have been learning a lot about human nature lately, regardless of how familiar I thought I was with a situation or a person.

There are superficial facets to human beingness that always surface regardless of how egoless we think we are. When these facets do surface they have a great power for destruction still, especially when you expect it the least. No matter how beautiful you perceive someone to be, out of the blue they can manifest something that seems gross to the soul. It’s a big turn off that can actually awaken the soul to pursuing the quest for something always greater that what we thought was “sufficient”.

I believe that in this world, there is no such thing as “arriving” or a definite finding of what the soul truly longs for … Any fulfillment that we experience will be challenged or questioned after a while so the soul’s longing always has a way of magnifying and of pulling us to greater quality, greater refinement and subtlety in our taste and in our sense of satisfaction … Then I can see that it is indeed true that Allah (swt) blessed us with incredible potential and whether we like it or not that dormant force will work and stir us to live more deeply and to keep our contemplation on the Hidden Treasure first and foremost.

This process seems unending throughout the human experience, it’s heart-wrenching yet there is some untold grace amidst it all that is worth us keeping on honoring the Quest until … :::


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