Ancient African Civilization: Egypt

::: Peace. Today I went to the Metropolitain Museum with a friend of mine. I visited the Egyptian Art Gallery with the relics of its great civilizations. I recognized some ancient Egyptian symbols and objects that are still found in Gabon today; like for instance the symbols of fertility in art and the harps from 1400-2000 bc, these harps are the traditional ones found in Gabon! It was for me a very enriching experience because I got to see the mother of African cultures and traditions. I particularly was amazed by the tangible continuity and refinement when viewing some of the African abstract art there, I got to understand that nothing is ever lost… Allahu Akbar! :::


Time and Destiny

“From many destinies is formed the unique destiny, the destiny of mankind. God is beyond time. Everything that is within time has a beginning and end. Time is for a being to be born, to grow up and to die so that he accomplishes his journey. God is and is not a journey, He is what makes the journey of life.”
~Flavio, 6 years old


Life is Penetrating

“I know that to accomplish my mission I need to eat and grow up, I need my body… I was too focused on my mental, I forgot about my body… Now I’ve learned to not associate with the mental only and to spread it in all my body. The mental is in the head as well as in the whole body. The body moves because the mental commands it to move. I am just forming my “self”. The “self” introduces the soul into the body. Yet we are not the mental nor the body. We are life, and life is everything and is everywhere. Life is penetrating, it goes through like rays, like light.”>
~Flavio Cabobianco, 5 years old.


Flavio M. Cabobianco

In the next couple of posts I’ll be sharing quotes from an Argentinean child Flavio M. Cabobianco who has had memories of the spiritual Reality before birth. He’s been sharing his concepts of God, the Universe’s organisation, mankind and the soul from three years old. His book Je Viens Du Soleil (I come from the Sun) from which the quotes are taken was published when he was just ten. He is now 25.


Divine Nostalgia

::: I’m starting to see that with time the most natural inclination is Freedom. The Return to Allah (swt) the Qur’an stresses is a truth of infinite dimension and meaning. The Return’s reality seems to progressively invade us like a murmure leading one to preparation for expansion or dissolution of self.

Personally the older I get the more I long to experience vastness, wild openness in all and everything! In my everyday life, this longing has always translated as a pulling toward Nature (especially Mountains) and now more than ever, moving interaction with others and pure freedom from rigidity/conditioning of any kind.

Life is a spiritualization process that is unpredictable yet healing and beautiful, we deepen as we evolve! This makes being here sacred. This process, I cherish with all my being no matter how dissatisfied I have always been with the things of this world.

As humankind deepens and spiritualizes individually and collectively, maybe the world will finally mirror it too inshAllah… :::


Solar Station

::: Peace! The Sun we all daily bask in is the greatest lesson on Giving we can actually acknowledge all of the time since it’s always there, always “visible” even at night through the fragrant, soft lighting of the Moon and of the countless stars…

The Suns’s flamboyance draws the soul back to true purpose, center and meaningful activity… How great must be the Glory of The One Who subjected this star to such magnificence! Allahu Akbar!