Divine Nostalgia

::: I’m starting to see that with time the most natural inclination is Freedom. The Return to Allah (swt) the Qur’an stresses is a truth of infinite dimension and meaning. The Return’s reality seems to progressively invade us like a murmure leading one to preparation for expansion or dissolution of self.

Personally the older I get the more I long to experience vastness, wild openness in all and everything! In my everyday life, this longing has always translated as a pulling toward Nature (especially Mountains) and now more than ever, moving interaction with others and pure freedom from rigidity/conditioning of any kind.

Life is a spiritualization process that is unpredictable yet healing and beautiful, we deepen as we evolve! This makes being here sacred. This process, I cherish with all my being no matter how dissatisfied I have always been with the things of this world.

As humankind deepens and spiritualizes individually and collectively, maybe the world will finally mirror it too inshAllah… :::


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