Fragrance Of Light: Roland & the Angels (the painting)

::: The soul can exteriorize sentiments that seem so new to us, I am often amazed at the latitude of those dimensions S/He placed in all that we don’t even know exist!

Working on this painting got me teary-eyed, it made me realize how fragile and beautiful we are sur la Terre comme au Ciel … :::


Fragrance of Light: Roland et Les Anges (the poem)

I wander inward
to be with you,

and to smell
the fragrance

of your light,
it soothes me

and reveals
the Gentle Guide,

the concealed One.
I move to the breeze

of your sound
to save my heart

from the grief
of separation.

You make my ego
supple and it bows to

The Divine! Urged by
love, it vanishes.

That’s how deep
you move me out of

my self to know the
Ambrosia of not-beingness.

copyrights 2005 Aida Toure


Some Music I’m Listening To (Corneille)

::: I have been trying to reacquaint myself with what’s happening overseas as far as music so today I discovered Corneille (of Rwandese origin) whose voice profoundly moved me, it is soft and it emanates such sensitivity! Excerpts of his new album can be found here and more of his music here. The video playing “Le Bon Dieu est une Femme” is from his newest album “Marchand de Reves“.

Also there is this young talented r&b singer/composer from Gabon who goes by the name of Jeden. He is currently working on his first solo album. I’m particularly proud of him! :::


We …

I cherish the peace
of your presence
and all that it entails.
I mumble then

I fall off my self.
Universes unfold
when you are there;
invisible and silent

with all the majesty
of your being,
I learn to be patient
and to not fear

the Truth
behind the Veil.
You are these words
and the kiss in my head,

the tender wave
on top of my hands
that lingers and says
I contracted your chest

to expand it again,
we do wild things in
order to celebrate Allness:
we torture the ego

to see it in Love again,
we tear hearts to shreds
for them to listen
to Isa (as), Mohamed (as)

and The Light
that made them.
Now who is the We
that carries the Qur’an?

copyrights 2005 Aida Toure


Arts & Traps of Worldly Ascension

“La Voie de l’Art est une Voie majestueuse, avant de l’emprunter, l’Artiste se doit de purifier son coeur.”
~Roland Mata (1968-1992)

::: We assume different roles through existence and these roles too have different “skins” that mutate knowingly or unknowingly to us. With time this phenomenon reveals dormant lights or the opposite in us.

What matters on that way is to strive to keep one’s heart full of Light despite the worldly circumstances our activities dictate, be it recognition and the ego scheming that goes with it. Only one with a graceful heart can truly preserve oneself from the greed and traps “success” bring. Humility, harmlessness and innocence are the depeest qualities for any human to possess in this worldly experience that distracts many promising talented beings from the prosperity that goes along with pure intentions. Disinteredness has become a scarce trait! It’s a strange occurance to see the way those who are viewed as “greats” slyly scheme to profit from others’, it implies that somewhere inside there is a deficiency in the first place.

In observing all this, all I can say is al hamdulillah for the path of Islam that keeps one mindful of his actions thanks to the daily prayers (with one’s forehead humbly laid in prostration to The Divine) reminding one of the helplessness associated with becoming… and thus of the uselessnes and danger in purposely harming and exploiting any creature for such actions always come back to the perpetuator magnified …

If we wish to offer substance in our activities then it’s best to take the time to work at cultivating excellence at what we do first instead of conveting the light in others and exploiting them, harming them for it with the illusion that their light will help the exploiter “advance”!

When I think that whole systems and nations were founded upon and thrive of such evil principles, it can only encourage their communities of men to apply the same evil practices, and this occurs in all fields even in the Arts! If artists who claim to be “conscious” and to work for noble causes are going to behave with shadiness and lack of integrity then they should do politics instead of corrupting the sacred art field and plotting to block the works of other artists from wider diffusion. True talent comes from The Divine, no human being has the monopoly over this dimension in others. Purposely attempting to interfere with this process while exploiting others to achieve one’s own ends by all costs is below the soul. To behave in such lowly manner with immediate results in mind is the surest way to self-destruction. :::


About Affinity

::: The poem below is a celebration of the Law of Affinity. When I composed it I had in mind the kind-hearted persons I encountered through cyberspace, all those I exchanged with, even if only once, those I haven’t met yet but who pass through Zuhrtime Soliloquy everyday, and all those whose blogs’ writings and creations stirred my inner senses to the pleasures of Remembranceal hamdulillah

May the awakening to our higher purpose and potential surpasses our becoming … :::



Smelling the fragrance of Light,
We become children anew
pure and wild, we bow
Speaking with no words
But only smiles;
Some language-color
With nuances Djibreel
Regally slips through,
How enchanting this view!
We wear gowns of glow
Waltzing in this freshness
Tender hearts know.

copyrights 2005 Aida Toure