We …

I cherish the peace
of your presence
and all that it entails.
I mumble then

I fall off my self.
Universes unfold
when you are there;
invisible and silent

with all the majesty
of your being,
I learn to be patient
and to not fear

the Truth
behind the Veil.
You are these words
and the kiss in my head,

the tender wave
on top of my hands
that lingers and says
I contracted your chest

to expand it again,
we do wild things in
order to celebrate Allness:
we torture the ego

to see it in Love again,
we tear hearts to shreds
for them to listen
to Isa (as), Mohamed (as)

and The Light
that made them.
Now who is the We
that carries the Qur’an?

copyrights 2005 Aida Toure


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