About Affinity

::: The poem below is a celebration of the Law of Affinity. When I composed it I had in mind the kind-hearted persons I encountered through cyberspace, all those I exchanged with, even if only once, those I haven’t met yet but who pass through Zuhrtime Soliloquy everyday, and all those whose blogs’ writings and creations stirred my inner senses to the pleasures of Remembranceal hamdulillah

May the awakening to our higher purpose and potential surpasses our becoming … :::



Smelling the fragrance of Light,
We become children anew
pure and wild, we bow
Speaking with no words
But only smiles;
Some language-color
With nuances Djibreel
Regally slips through,
How enchanting this view!
We wear gowns of glow
Waltzing in this freshness
Tender hearts know.

copyrights 2005 Aida Toure