Rasulullah (saw)

The light you blew
over the world leads

the universal Return
to the Divine Master.

You intertwine with
the believers’ pulse

as they whisper
la ilaha illa Allah!

With each motion
of the Creation,

you are there, reciting
the Glorious Qur’an

in synchronicity with
Djibreel, Ruh and all

Prophets; from Adam to
Seyyidina Jesus Christ (as).

You pull the inner Door and
lo! angels float by our lips

to embrace the Zikr we
repeat after Abraham (as),

Subbuhun Quddsusun
Rabbul Mala’ikati war Ruh

-Most Glorious and Holiest,
Lord of the angels and the Spirit-

We unfold in the Essence again.
O Rasulullah, the fragrance

of Paradise is nigh now!
You are the mercy

and the first light
out of the Light,

the heart softener
whose luminous life

left our souls longing for
the meeting with Allah (swt).

copyrights 2006 Aida Toure


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