The Heart Softener (the poem)

Beloved Heart of my heart,
I am amazed at your work,
intricate, moving and divine
everywhere the Qur’an

is read by the Eye;
light upon light,
you are the scent that
surrounds Jesus Christ (as),

the compassion in the arms
Of Djibreel who hugged
Seyyidina Muhammad (saw).
You are the Life behind life,

the Veiled Breath that intertwines
with the breath of the masses.
We swirl with the Universe
to praise you O Most High,

Beloved to Yogananda, Hafiz,
Rabia, Jacob and Omraam
who all read your signs
in diagonal or in braille.

O Allah (swt) forgive us
for our failures, we bow
to you for eternity in love
with the Love you brought

forth so that we may assume
form and become I’s, impatient
to dissolve again in the plenitude
of your Nocturnal Light.

Suddenly I’m urged by quietude:
Lo! Djibi tucks in the Moon
and Papa says in chorus
with the sun Allahu Akbar!

And this poem walks out …

~ copyrights 2006 Aida Toure ~


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