Zuhrtime Beads (the painting-prose-poem)

::: We are beads in human form abandoned here to whirling and buoyancy, we perform for the sake of Love just like the planets, the Sun and Jesus’ heart (as)! We are beads, revolving at Zuhrtime in Remembrance of our union with The Divine. :::

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Perfect Language

Language is pure when spoken to reflect spiritual emotions. We would greatly evolve if we were more inclined toward silence and the Language that is behind it. When the Heart speaks we become quiet-natured, because the mind revels in the wild softness that murmurs from the depths of the Nowhere-Everywhere that permeates our being; it’s an exalted expression of Love that makes itself known to us, no one I know consciously runs away from such luxury!

There are moments when our heart demands that we do not speak yet we don’t listen, if we did we would always be guided throughout existence. The most sublime expressions by the sages and artists were realized because they drew from that innermost state of silence which is perfection. This experience itself is perfect yet its transcription is rarely done without interference unless the channel is completely egoless and in synchronicity with Divine Love. In reality, there is no separation between the being and this Love but the thin veil constituted by the ego, this veil dissolves in the blissful currents of Stillness.

© 2006-2012 Aïda Touré

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Hidden Green One

In our obscurity you are
wearing your tone,

subtle yet vibrant,
a teacher to the soul,

you walked in
Ibn Arabi’s chest

and lo! he spoke
of mysteries and secrets;

the unknown variations
that gentle souls befriend.

You blow within the flute
each believer becomes

when you flood
their hearts with

melodies from the Throne,
wandering by the edge

of the universal state,
you guard the pure

and then you initiate,
defying the visible

and the conform way,
you impart knowledge.

You are the master
that leads the way

of earthly masters
and you whirl of

all your leaflike color
in cyclones of peace

and tenderness,
you awakened Moses (as);

rewarded and comforted
when there was silence,

speechless yet you speak
colorful yet Green,

you exist unseen
to flirt with the hearts

that sobb in entreaty
of Allah (swt) Most High,

you are the scented tambourine,
the revolving beads within,

the inner planets in orbit,
the hidden one shy poets

insanely run to to flirt
with your somptuous,

fresh, continuous wilderness.
And you lay secret

on the lips of the sages,
kept throughout the ages,

transcending religious
institutions and hierarchy!

O al Khidr, the saints’
cheikh no physical eye sees,

knock on this pulse’s door
and strike it with the sword

of Love until all forms
dissolve into The Humiliator.

© 2006 Aida Toure’