Guiaalala (the light)

::: Peace. I had been working on a 36″x 24″ painting entitled “Guiaalala”, it means “the light” in Eshira, my maternal dialect. This piece took me more time to complete because there was some precious intrigue I didn’t expect so I reveled in its creation. It developed slow and how pleasant it was to carry its brushwork, I learned more about patience! Guiaalala remains such a mystery, I now wish I had more canvas space to continue it… :::

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Doing What’s Beautiful

“God is Beautiful and He loves beauty.”
~ Prophet Muhammad (saw)

Atoms' KaBa © 2011 Aida Toure'

::: As souls, it’s only natural to express beauty as it is our origin. The most difficult challenge while we experience the world is to remain attuned to that dimension in us as worldly establishment discourages the cultivation of spiritual qualities. And this because the best way to disempower humanity is to fragment, robotize and systematize their spiritual constitution so that they could be subservient to anything but The Creator.

In order to be free and to honor our full potential, we should follow our Heart, we should inwardly invite what’s beautiful until it becomes not just an internal life but a tangible reality that is uplifting to the collectivity: this implies the awakening of the divine potential in us and therefore the neutralization of all the falsehood and corruption perpetuated by usurping, ill-intended forces.

We are beauty and we are love. These attributes nurture, spiritualize and pull us to the glories of Surrender! So let us all do that which is beautiful in humility and generosity. Amin. :::