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Upon the Spheres’ Lips

I am at my best
when I lay at your feet,
rolling and rolling within
in the way no one sees

but you.

Lost in this state,
language makes no sense
and the soul’s nakedness
glides by to deepen us
at the thought of staying
right there,
of all our being,

below you.

Then a voice says
this is love knocking
from inside, open up
and stay wide until
the prophets (as) walk
by, ecstatically chanting
la ilaha illa Allah!

At this, joyful sobs
inundate the atmosphere
and I become a kiss
laid upon the Spheres’ lips.

~Aida Toure

copyrights 2006 Aida Toure
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Les Prosternes (the Prostrated)

::: I just completed The Prostrated . Al hamdulillah this painting has elements I had been longing to express for the longest time so it was a true celebration of the joy of Salat (prayer).

The prostration position in Islamic prayer is one of the most moving experience the soul can journey through. Even though to many it may be considered as just a physical position, prostration is the moment when we are closest to Allah (swt), we shed our ego and the grace unfolds…

During his prayers alone, our beloved Prophet Muhammad (saw) used to stay in prostration for a long time and he would often shed tears. Allahu Akbar! :::


Losing our Humaneness

::: I never really decided I was going to become an artist, it just happened to me. Sometimes when I am inspired to compose a poem or to paint it, I have the sad realization of how distant we have become from divine Remembrance and this is one of the most painful feelings I can experience.

In our man-made system, it’s customary to reward the ego and all the evils that derive from it. Yet humans, all divinely created, do not have their origin in this system so why do they reflect its standards all set by some false alien “authority”? Sadly enough, I often feel isolated from many of my own kind, because before they try to help that which is an expression of Love, even when they do admire it they seem to watch it in fear first, curious about how this object of admiration will “make it” amidst a fierce system that punishes the soul.

With fervor, they tend to compliment what they see, yet they have been so trained to be selfish and driven by prose that they will not do anything to help the next person even when they know it’s within their power to do so. Simple gestures can be of big help to our fellow creatures sometimes, it doesn’t require anything on our part but caring.

CARING: this is what’s lacking, this is the major cause of all our plagues (starvation, imperialism, wars, poverty, prejudice, biological and nuclear weapons …etc…). I sometimes wonder about all these evil tactics used to rout those who aspire for complete Independence and Freedom; after all, these ideals are all men’s divine right! Instead, populations are forced to dismiss or prostitute their souls just for the “guarantee” to live with security or to acquire the most basic necessities which all men deserve. But since we live in a world of widespread corruption and deliberate elitism, many end up having no other choice but to surrender to the power-hungry elitists who either open doors or close them to men’s opportunities at will.

The system supporters seem to defy Nature itself while watching if the soul will exist and evolve the way it is, with its integrity and its Love. As the soul refuses to put its spark to their service, they patiently watch its evolution or regression waiting for the opportunity to kneel it down before them, they look out for the soul’s moment of despair and desolation and lo! Like vultures, they ambush it. Verily, populations suffer! It seems there is no more heart after we have been so systematized and made to yield our true innate nature, our humaneness. I’m not proud at all to be part of a world where lowliness and cruelty are the norm. :::