Upon the Spheres’ Lips

I am at my best
when I lay at your feet,
rolling and rolling within
in the way no one sees

but you.

Lost in this state,
language makes no sense
and the soul’s nakedness
glides by to deepen us
at the thought of staying
right there,
of all our being,

below you.

Then a voice says
this is love knocking
from inside, open up
and stay wide until
the prophets (as) walk
by, ecstatically chanting
la ilaha illa Allah!

At this, joyful sobs
inundate the atmosphere
and I become a kiss
laid upon the Spheres’ lips.

~Aida Toure

copyrights 2006 Aida Toure
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Filed under Contemporary Islamic Art, Spiritual Art, Sufi Poetry, Visual Arts

2 responses to “Upon the Spheres’ Lips

  1. Wonderful, a joyful and hearfelt Sufi poem 🙂 And beautiful art to go with it 🙂 Alhamdulillah!

  2. Wasalamalaikum Irving, thank you mashAllah.

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