Harps & Tambourines

Soul wild with grace,
the heart prostrates

to the Light of its light,
Sobbing of all its softness

with all lovers of Oneness,
playing harps & tambourines,

they chant by the Spheres:
“Collectively, we are love

bowing to itself for the sake
of Beneficence, we unroll

like prayermats before
The Beloved’s eyes…”

cc 2006 Aida Toure


Unlawful Wars’ Mongers

… the power-hungry elitists
thrive off of humanity’s misery,
they invent demonic ideologies
and their spiritual corruption
shows in their nations’ policies.
See, they henerited from the
the prophets’ (as) enemies;
remember those who plotted

to silence the Messengers (as)?
Well they are their inheritors!
Their threat is unity and love;
What good is to be expected
from one whose heart
conceals such a disease?
What civilized men
prone the racial superiority
of a people over another?
Thieves, usurpers and usurers,
these are our world leaders,
no wonder babies are massacred!
Allah (swt) is the sole Owner
of everything, Everything!
Picture a mere mortal taking
“his” property to his tomb?
Indeed when the ego leads, man

becomes a consummate fool.
Woe to the scheming elitists
who slaughter children and
the bonds of the human family.

CC 2006 Aida Toure


La Note Orange

Peace to all my readers. I have been working on so many things lately that I have barely had time to update my blog… About three nights ago, I was sitting in my room and my eyes rested on my light beige guitar and all of the sudden I saw it painted with interesting patterns. I gathered my tubes of paint and I started working on it right away… I entitled the piece La Note Orange.


Reclusion: Soul Opening

We are compelled to
praise you limitlessly
for all the beauties
you scattered across

those lines and forms

which make us circle

and wonder what are
we doing in all this?

Nothing but not-being!
Aimless and insane,
generously one with
some Grace; ink spills,

letters and pen bow …
And the soul torn open:

this was the caress
I had longed for.


Become a Flute!

::: Consider saying Thank You even when circumstances seem to not smile at you. There are some refinement taking place in you, so subtle and mathematically orchestrated that you may not perceive it. This occurance reconciles a Longing your ego transformed into fear then greed, yet in truth only the Longing in your soul abides, this longing is perfect and it deserves to be expressed for all the majesty inherent to it. Remember your Origin, the prophets (as) and the saints (as)! They were thanks to this Longing which is a cosmic force! Therefore unveil the full emptiness you are, lose your ego that fragments your dormant love and watch your being become a Flute, an unending song in human form… :::