Unlawful Wars’ Mongers

… the power-hungry elitists
thrive off of humanity’s misery,
they invent demonic ideologies
and their spiritual corruption
shows in their nations’ policies.
See, they henerited from the
the prophets’ (as) enemies;
remember those who plotted

to silence the Messengers (as)?
Well they are their inheritors!
Their threat is unity and love;
What good is to be expected
from one whose heart
conceals such a disease?
What civilized men
prone the racial superiority
of a people over another?
Thieves, usurpers and usurers,
these are our world leaders,
no wonder babies are massacred!
Allah (swt) is the sole Owner
of everything, Everything!
Picture a mere mortal taking
“his” property to his tomb?
Indeed when the ego leads, man

becomes a consummate fool.
Woe to the scheming elitists
who slaughter children and
the bonds of the human family.

CC 2006 Aida Toure


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