Sufi Poetry

Nabis’ (as) Footprints

Look at what you started!
Love has knocked again…
A kiss on your hand’s scent
and the soul collapses, every time
with the wish to no longer be.
Who will attenuate this tender
teasing that only you can do?
You drop red gold nuggets
on the believers’ prayer mat,
lo! Love nurses their fragments
and the royally wretched
ego walks out but to follow
the prophets (as) footprints.
We delight in not-being
and in laying at your feet,
a l t e r n a t e l y
There is the flirtation
we wanted: continuous,
lingering long enough
to silence the bells
of grief, of temporality.
Your kindness has left
our shy hearts confounded,
wondering how we are
worthy of all this Mercy.

copyrights 2007 Aida Toure


Emerald Verses

Illuminated is the Heart
that chants the glories
of The Sublime’s throne.
Blessed be the soul

who embraces Injil
through the Holy Qur’an
like earth embraces truths
through the galaxies’ currents.

The Word commands “read!”
Lo! The inner eye opens:
Djibril (as) on his emerald seat,
Jesus (as) walking upon the sea,
Noah (as) gathers the light of humanity
and prophet Muhammad (saw)
crowns the collective being
with the altitudes of humility.
You see, Love is this gentleness
that governs the Muslim Universe,
while the moon transcribes to us:
“… unto Him is the journeying!”

2007 copyrights Aida Toure


The Prophets’ (as) Footprints

… the soul innately journeys through form, like Ruh (as) Herself circulates through the worlds. All that exists has a mysterious glorious Purpose; phenomena upon phenomena, existence by excellence is one where the soul can freely be and flow the Way Allah (swt) intended it to. Belonging to a divine system that encompasses all the confusion of materiality is the greatest grace bestowed upon us, we are that precious. But for that preciousness to come to expression, it needs Love just like flowers need the Love of Watering and Light in order to grow and wear their fragrance… thus we should let our Water run and be wild in the way we give love as Love itself gives impartially, we should be the innate majesty of our soul: we all were born in Surrender/Islam, some get numb to it for a little while and then eventually return to it inshAllah, this is why the Prophets (as) footprints blessed the Earth… Therefore the command “READ” (96: 1 Qur’an) that Allah (swt) transmitted to Prophet Muhammad (saw) is addressed to us as well. That READING is the journey to Illumination/Enlightenment, the way to the lifting of the Veil… Once it manifests, the soul has the responsibility to just exist in the holy Octave of Kun/BE. We should not wait until separation unveils the true Reality, we must welcome our selves to Healing and Wholeness now, we must reclaim our innate grace now.

copyrights 2007 Aida Toure


Sama (the poem)

Chords, loves and signs
there is some sound
in the soul’s eye,
silent yet loud

blue tambourines then
floating red harps now;
all as one, circularly
enchanted as the globes’ Zikr
our prophets (as) repeated.
Hands and lips smacked by
Tenderness itself,
we play invisible violins
and cosmic Neys
by the lovers’ earand lo!
they sob of all their emotions’ grace,
following the course of longing
and depth, they shed themselves
to wear the subtle Cloth;
cloaked in its glow,
they dance and chant
in the language Djibril (as)
taught the saints (as).

copyrights 2006 Aida Toure