Nabis’ (as) Footprints

Look at what you started!
Love has knocked again…
A kiss on your hand’s scent
and the soul collapses, every time
with the wish to no longer be.
Who will attenuate this tender
teasing that only you can do?
You drop red gold nuggets
on the believers’ prayer mat,
lo! Love nurses their fragments
and the royally wretched
ego walks out but to follow
the prophets (as) footprints.
We delight in not-being
and in laying at your feet,
a l t e r n a t e l y
There is the flirtation
we wanted: continuous,
lingering long enough
to silence the bells
of grief, of temporality.
Your kindness has left
our shy hearts confounded,
wondering how we are
worthy of all this Mercy.

copyrights 2007 Aida Toure


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Filed under Sufi Poetry

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