We Are Continuous!

Just like Islam that gradually reached the material world through the prophets (as) from Adam (as) all the way to Muhammad (saw), we are continuous. As the soul’s manifestations magnify progressively, the ego’s delusive knowing interferences diminish. Perfect peace occurs when these ego interferences cease and with all of her softness the soul flows, conveying the most luxurious love which the Heavens’ inhabitants can not resist, then they pass on that fondness to mankind. When they do this, you are done with being! All you have left to do is Not-Being! When you exist that way, you will know… Such love has no word, no tangible exterior yet it’s there, pervasive… It’s like the veil that lifts during the believer’s sincere prayer, no one sees it but him/her! And if ever s/he wills to speak this vision, s/he won’t be able to, there are secrets that are shared between worlds and the soul only witnesses the Conversation as she leans upward, here and beyond… See, we are continuous! Know that you are loved in ways you cannot imagine.

copyrights 2007 Aida Toure


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Filed under Inner Reality, Islam, Saints, Spiritual Art, Spirituality, Sufi Prose, Sufism, Tasawwuf

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